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Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself!

My name is Vic. V-to-the-I-C! Hahaha!

Reintroduction is a fitting title. Some of you know we personally and/or have followed Boss Babe from the beginning. While others are new. So to my friends, family, and long-time (if I can even call it that) Boss Babes, this is your reintroduction. To all my new Boss Babes welcome!

This website launch and blog has been a long time in the making and was created by yours truly, so be kind. But, due to my indecisiveness and lack of satisfaction it took longer than expected. But, here we are and what a more perfect time to launch than New Year Day?

So, who is Vic? What is Boss Babe, and what is the purposeful business blog?

I'm an attorney, but more than anything I'm simply a girl living her dream because I was not afraid to chase it! Through Boss Babe, I seek to encourage, motivate, educate and inspire all women to do the same.

Boss Babe can be parsed into two separate elements. First, Boss Babe is about discovering and stepping into your purpose. This is the not so legal part. Since a young girl, I was aware of my purpose and such awareness has provided my life direction, a sense of belonging, and a feeling and belief that my life matters. I understand how significant it is to discover your purpose and what a positive driving force it can be in a person's life. I want all women to discover and step into their purpose. As Nip Hussle Tha Great once said: "find your purpose or your wasting air."

Second, Boss Babe is about monetizing your purpose; turning your purpose into your source of income. Hence, Purposeful Business. This is the legal part. I want to inspire all women to live the life they dream of and one way of accomplishing this is to become a business owner. As a business owner, you take control of your life. Your income, your time, your travel is all in your control. Through Boss Babe, I educate and/or represent women concerning the following: business formation, trademarks, contracts, website and social media FTC compliance, and more.

The Purposeful Business blog will be a place where I share such information.

Once again, welcome Boss babes! I'm excited you're here and to inspire and work with you!

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