Legally Fit™Gym Kit

As a fitness professional, your focused on keeping your clients fit. But, what about your business? Is your business Legally Fit™?

Legally Fit™ means utilizing certain documents to reduce your risk. After all, the fitness industry is full of risks. Every time you train a client or teach a class there is a risk of injury to your client, yourself or a third party. 

By utilizing certain documents you can reduce your risk of liability and protect your business. The Legally Fit™ Gym Kit is designed to keep your fitness business protected. 

The Legally Fit™ Gym Kit includes:

1. Liability Waiver Template

2. Personal Training Contract Template

3. Website Disclaimer

4. Unlicensed nutritionist guide

5. Media release template

6. Free Consultation

The Legally Fit™ Gym Kit includes guidance on:

7. Why you need a legally formed business entity

8. The importance of new client fitness assessments

9. The importance of maintaining client records 

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